3 Benefits of Getting Creative on Your Office Lunch Break

December 23, 2019

The majority of UK office staff get a 60 minute lunch break, but how many of us actually use it for something positive, for example getting creative?

aZtec’s very own Payroll & Accounts Coordinator, Paula Janes, makes the most of her lunch breaks by getting creative. You’ll always find Paula diamond painting, making decorations, felting, writing poetry or something else which makes her feel good during her lunch break.

“I enjoy doing them, it kills time as I can eat in 20-30 mins, so I’ve got another 30-40 mins to kill. I find it relaxing and it chills me out especially if I’ve had a stressful morning. I prefer completing a project in one lunch break, as I feel accomplished and I think it helps set me up for the afternoon, but bigger projects over a number of lunch breaks can be fun too. It’s also nice to hear peoples’ comments on the finished item.”

What are 3 benefits of getting creative on your office lunch break?

Simple Enjoyment

Modern day life is busy, full of responsibilities and there rarely feels enough time for everything. Allocating a few minutes within your lunch break to do something you enjoy can make huge difference to your mood and ensures you do something for yourself rather than just for others.

Kick-start Productivity

Mornings don’t always get off on the right foot. After a slow start to the day it can be tempting to waste a lunch break sitting around looking at social media or aimlessly wandering around the shops. By taking the opportunity to complete a small project, craft or poem, our productivity mindset can be kick-started and we feel ready to achieve more in the afternoon.

Sense of Achievement

Office work can include long projects where it is difficult to feel a sense of achievement for the day. With the right mindset, these projects can be broken down and a sense of achievement is still possible. Where this is difficult to do, being creative and managing to make something, write something or imagine something can bring a fresh sense of achievement, which directly affects the work we are doing around it.

Getting Started

Creativity isn’t about being the best, producing a masterpiece, knowing how to do something or even feeling fully in control. It is about expression, opportunity, enjoyment, desire, achievement, relaxation, and positivity. Please let us know via FacebookLinkedin or Twitter how you like to get creative or whether this article inspired you to give it a go. 

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