6 Areas Not to Miss in The Office Spring Clean

February 17, 2017

Despite the chill in the air, the days are beginning to get a bit lighter which is a sure sign that spring is on the way, and we all know what that means! Spring cleaning! Many people only associate spring cleaning with their homes, but really it is just as important to give your workplace a good spring clean too. We spend so much time at work, it’s important to keep things clean, tidy and organised. Not only is this better for productivity, it’s essential for healthier employees. We’ve put together a list of six areas not to be missed when giving your workplace a good spring clean.

6 Areas Not to Miss in The Office Spring Clean

6 Areas Not to Miss in The Office Spring Clean

Keyboard – According to recent research by CBT Nuggets, there are over 20,000 times more bacteria on your keyboard than the average toilet seat! Once switched off, tip your keyboard upside down to get rid of any lurking debris, then use an anti-bacterial wipe, making sure it’s not too damp to avoid causing any damage.

Telephone Buttons and Earpieces – Just think how many times a day you use the buttons on your telephone keypad and breathe all over the handset! Now, when was the last the last time it was disinfected? Makes you think, doesn’t it? There are as many as 25,000 germs per square inch on your office phone. A disinfectant spray such as Dettol is an easy and effective way of keeping on top of the germs, but there are many wipes and sprays to choose from. We use a telephone sanitiser that is manufactured specifically for high use devices.

Door handles and push plates – Just think how many people come through the office door in a single day! Now most of those will have washed their hands after using the loo or handling anything nasty, but a couple of them will not have! Gross huh?

Microwave – Nobody ever seems to want to take responsibility for the office microwave, do they? Not only do they accumulate bacteria, germs and nasty smells if you don’t clean them regularly, but burnt on grime can mean that the appliance will fail the microwave emissions test. For an easy clean, half a lemon, pop in a microwavable bowl with some water, a few tablespoons of vinegar and heat on high for several minutes until steam is created. Stuck on food and grime should wipe straight off!

The Kitchen sponge – According to an article in the Daily Mail, your kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat! Change them for new ones regularly and always make sure to wring them out after use so that they dry faster as bacteria breed in warm, wet environments.

Fridge – The office fridge is another thing used by everyone, yet largely ignored until it starts to produce a funky smell! With dried milk, crumbs and the invariable accidental spillage, just imagine how many germs and bacteria are festering in the fridge ready to attach themselves to your freshly made sandwich? Ideally, the fridge should be cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner once a week, with a thorough clean every three months where all the shelves and door tray are taken out and cleaned.

Of course, to save arguments about whose turn it is to do the office cleaning, you can always call in the experts! Give the team here at aZtec a call on 01525 216330 or contact us by email, and we’ll have your office germ-free in no time!

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