aZtec’s Director Completed 2018 London Marathon For Charity

April 24, 2018

Peter Knott, our Operations Director at aZtec Commercial Cleaning, has just completed the London Marathon on Sunday 22nd April 2018. Peter is an avid runner and it is not his first marathon. So far Peter has raised £1441 in memory of Charlie. Charlie was not just Peter’s Labradoodle who loved coming to the office, but his best friend and loved by all of the aZtec office staff.

How did the London Marathon go?

“The London Marathon is complete and still recovering. It was the hardest I’ve done not only from the heat but also carrying a calf injury. I would like to thank everyone who donated to our page, your support is amazing. On behalf of the memory of Charlie my friend, thank you.”

Who are you running for?

“I’m running 2018 London Marathon in memory of Charlie for The Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust.”

aZtec Commercial Cleaning Charity Support

Peter Knott, Director at aZtec Commercial Cleaning, runs 2018 London Marathon in memory of his Labradoodle, Charlie.

Why are you running the London Marathon?

“I recently lost my best friend Charlie my Labradoodle. He was eight and half years old and was taken from us too early. He became a big part of mine and my wife’s life and gave us some wonderful memories that will stay with us for a very long time, he was diagnosed with cancer in March 2017 and sadly in September we had to say goodbye to him.
Throughout his illness the RVC treated Charlie with kindness and understanding and did their best to make him feel as comfortable as they could. The staff are very caring and the treatment he received was excellent. When he finally lost his battle they treated him with respect and made us feel that they did all they could for him.
So please if you have a pet that you love and would want the best treatment in case of ill health then donate to my page to show your appreciation for these wonderful people who genuinely care for animals.”

How can someone donate?

If anyone would like to donate for this cause, please use Peter’s JustGiving link:
For more information on regular Charity Support by aZtec Commercial Cleaning, see our Charity Support – Ripple Africa page.