Aztec Round up of the Financial Year 2015 – 16

July 15, 2016

The whole team at Aztec have just finished with their AGM for 2016, and what a successful year they’ve had. Along with all the standard figures and forecasts, over the year we have had new faces, new records smashed and a fresh new look.

Aztec Round up of the Financial Year 2015 – 16

  • Record Financial Turnover – This year, The Aztec team have managed to beat last year’s financial turnover making this year’s turnover our new record! This speaks a lot about the great service we provide, our dedicated and capable management, and our ability to not only gain new business but also retain our existing customers through these means.
  • New team members – Over the year we have welcomed new members to the Aztec team :

Ben Gardner – Support Services

Amanda Winconek – Regional Manager

Georgina Adams – Area Manager

Paige Hale – Accounts / Admin Apprentice

Laura Hunt – Telesales Consultant

Every one of these new members have fit in with the team with great ease, and have all had a successful start. We wish them the best in continuing their hard work and great results.

Aztec Round up of the Financial Year 2015 – 16

  • ISO 9001 – We have again been successful in retaining our well-deserved ISO 9001 certification for our ability to deliver excellent service through our quality management systems. We are also well on our way to earning the new ISO 9001.
  • New Website – This year Aztec revamped their website, transforming it into a more relevant and up to date site. The site not only includes our blog, but we now have easier ways to contact us, list all the available services we offer and its easy use to navigate the site. The Sales team and Management have worked closely with Jules White and her team at The Last Hurdle, who have not only helped to build our new website, but also with our marketing ideas and have taken us into new areas of marketing Aztec that we are finding very successful.
  • Sales Targets – This year has also seen great results from our Regional Sales Manager: Sonya Louise Perkins. She went and smashed her sales targets, achieving a record level of new business. Congratulations!!

Well done and thankyou to everyone at Aztec, who work in the office, who work out in the field and also to all our cleaners. Now we are looking forward to an even more successful 2016 – 17.