How Can A Clear Desk Policy Benefit Your Office?

June 7, 2018

If you are considering a clear desk policy in your office, you may wish to understand the benefits it can bring. We have put together 5 great benefits to help you introduce a clear desk policy to your colleagues. Many of us will have heard the following phrase, “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Whilst some people live by this as a rule, for others it is difficult to keep their work space clear. Often a desk is a representation of someone’s personality.

1) Clear Desk to Cut Costs

Implementing a clear desk policy could help your staff think more about your office resources and reduce the amount of paper wasted. By keeping your desk clear, you will more likely avoid printing emails, use double sided printing where possible and have a more organised filing system.
With various studies suggesting that the average UK office worker can use up to 10,000 sheets of paper per year, two thirds of which are wasted unnecessarily, this could save cost and improve your recycling targets.

2) Clear Desk to Reduced Illness

Everybody knows that office sick bugs and colds can spread like wild fire and the best defence against this is having clean desk.
It is harder for your cleaner to do a thorough job when your desk is covered in paperwork and personal items.  According to a recent study the average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. It suggests a desk has up to 20,961 germs per square inch, up to 3,295 on the keyboard and 1,676 on a mouse.
Your company’s clear desk policy would allow your cleaner full access to your desks and on a regular basis, reducing the spread of nasty office bugs. If a daily clear desk policy isn’t possible, try at least once a week.

clear desk policy can reduce bacteria on office desk and hardware3) Clear Desk to Aid GDPR & ISO Compliance

GDPR is the new dreaded Data Protection Law that applies to every company in the UK. GDPR non-compliance could see your company landed with huge fines.
A clear desk policy, will ensure your staff are dealing with sensitive information in the correct manner. By clearing all paperwork from your desk, sensitive information like contact information, invoices and passwords are out of sight. This is especially important if you have contractors such as cleaners entering your office during or after hours.
If your company has been awarded the ISO 27001 you will know the importance of your data processes to keep this accreditation.

4) Clear Desk to Reduce Stress

Although some feel that a messy desk can aid creativity, many feel calmer when their desk is clear and organised. During a busy work period, running from meeting to meeting, your desk can easily build up with paperwork, post it notes and ‘to do’ lists.
Having to regularly clear your desk can help refocus your mind on what you have to do and consolidate unnecessary scraps of paper into a prioritised list. Taking these few moments a day can be very productive for a more focused approach to the day ahead as well as reducing anxiety that some feel when surrounded by mess.

5) Clear Desk to Improve Image

First impressions count, hence why the majority of companies have a clear reception desk and hide paperwork behind a raised desk front. It seems odd therefore that the desks in the office would not have the same policy. Clients may not always visit your office, but employees and interviewees do. Although some office staff will keep their desk tidy at all times, a clear desk policy encourages all employees to have this same standard, resulting in a nicer place to work and a better image.