Client Case Study – Jardine Motors Group

September 18, 2018

Client – Jardine Motors Group

Relationship start date – Oct 2016

Services provided – Daily Commercial Cleaning

Jardine Motors Group is a very busy office, and our cleaning standards and expectations are always met by aZtec Commercial Cleaning. If anything is ever missed then it’s always rectified.

We have a great relationship with aZtec

There is always someone available to respond to our queries and we generally meet monthly, with Amanda, our Regional Manager, who visits our office to go through a feedback form. We talk through any problems and grade the service received, which gets reviewed in in interim with any changes we make.
Amanda is always happy to listen to the feedback that I collate from the entire office on any issues anyone has. We work together to make this work for both our team and the cleaning team. The team here know that they can feedback anything to me and that it’s acted on as I have a direct line of communication with our dedicated Regional Manager, so any issues or changes can be sorted and rectified quickly.
Sometimes we don’t necessarily need the face to face meeting, so Amanda checks in via email to make sure everything is OK with the cleaning and to check cleaning order stock.
aZtec always cover our cleaners due to sickness or holiday. Though sometimes the cover doesn’t cover all areas that our regular cleaners cover, we receive good communication from our Regional Manager on what to expect.

aZtec have provided effective solutions

We had consistent issues with dust settling on desks, causing nice white shirt cuffs to go black! aZtec suggested that we used a different chemical on the desks which seems to have mostly fixed the problem.
We also had consistent issues with food etc. being left in the fridge past its best before by colleagues (not pleasant!). Our cleaning team were happy to clear out the fridge every Friday once everyone had left, and clean the fridge so it was fresh and clean for the next week.

We would recommend aZtec to other commercial customers

Overall, we have generally been very happy with the service we have received, and everyone at aZtec is always happy to work towards improvement if needed.
We would recommend the team at aZtec to other commercial customers. Our expectations of cleaning our busy office are high, and aZtec meet these. The friendly team are always on hand to help if there’s anything missed, or if we have additional requirements.

Commercial Operations Executive Assistant @ Jardine Motors Group, Milton Keynes

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