Client Case Study – Sport Whispers

October 9, 2018

Client – Sport Whispers

Relationship start date – Nov 17

Services provided – Daily Commercial Cleaning, Washroom Services & Window Cleaning


Our positive introduction to aZtec

We first met aZtec in December 2015 when Sonya Perkins called by to see us. The timing was impeccable, as due to unforeseen circumstances we had just received notice from our regular local provider.
The itemised breakdown for service and products on the quote and transparency with the open book pricing enabled us to identify fair value.  It also made this an easy sell to the board, it needed no explanation or justification.

“The arrival of aZtec felt like we had increased our security too”

Our journey continued in January 2016 when we met Monica and her team. The transition was smooth and natural, as if we had just expanded our own team.  The arrival of aZtec felt like we had increased our security too, with Monica discreetly alerting us to an open window or door. This has not only protected our assets, but also established trust and honesty between us.

Flawless relocation – “aZtec formed part of our move”

When we relocated to new premises 3.5 miles away in December 2017, aZtec formed part of our move.  Again the change was flawless with Monica and her team making suggestions to further safeguard our business. This feedback prompted us to install privacy blinds.

Efficient management & feedback

The service we receive is monitored by our Regional Manager, Amanda, so if any enhancements are required, this offers an opportunity to discuss and review the service. We openly discuss what works well for us and areas which may be in need of attention. There is no awkwardness surrounding these conversations, they simply flow to ensure that both parties get what they need from them.

“The service we receive is personal and a job well done”

aZtec are easy to do business with, they have accommodated all of our requests which extend to glass and carpet cleaning and automated provision of kitchen and bathroom supplies. They provide ongoing cost savings to our organisation, by never overselling their services and products.
The service we receive is personal and a job well done. We have recommended aZtec to our neighbours in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
Thank you for adding value to our business!
Yours sincerely,
Debbie Pugsley
Head of HR & Facilities @ Sport Whispers.
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Relevant commercial cleaning services include: Office Cleaning, Daily CleaningWashroom Services & Window Cleaning