How a Clean Environment Can Enhance Company Profits

January 12, 2018

Employees come and go, using equipment, talking on phones, tapping away on their keyboards, grabbing a quick lunch at their desks and filling bins as they go about their daily work life. Then you have visitors popping in and out.

It’s no wonder your office space gets so untidy.

If you’re a business manager, you may well be more focused on the next sales push or product release rather than thinking about cleaning the place up. There’s just too much to get on with. But did you know that a professional cleaning service like ours can make a significant difference to the productivity in your workplace and can even help enhance your company profit?

How a Clean Environment Can Enhance Company ProfitsHow a Clean Environment Can Enhance Company Profits

According to Dr Lisa Ackerley at Salford University, the average office desk is a breeding ground for bacteria and could be one of the leading causes of the 131 million work days lost in the UK due to sickness and absence.

If that sounds a little farfetched then here are few facts you might like to digest.

  • Equipment like computer keyboards are ideal for harbouring bacteria. So are the computer mouse and landline telephones.
  • These common office tools can hold around 10 million bacteria, particularly in places that aren’t cleaned properly or regularly.
  • That’s 4 times more bacteria than you’re likely to find on the average toilet seat.
  • A fifth of office workers don’t make the attempt to clean their desk before they decide to eat something (which is bad when you consider how many of us eat at our desk).
  • Another fifth of office workers have never made the effort to clean their mouse.

Some influenza and cold viruses can stay active on surfaces like your keyboard for up to 24 hours. When you consider that many offices have multiple people working at desks, often in shifts, then the potential for cross contamination is huge.

Someone with influenza could sit down at a desk, work through the morning and leave their bug on the keyboard until someone else comes along and uses the same equipment later that day.

It’s easy to spread colds and other bugs this way and that could mean more of your employees phoning in sick. Regular cleaning helps dramatically reduce the number of bacteria around you’re the place and cuts down on the potential for cross contamination.

There’s no doubt that sickness and absence at work is one of the major influences on productivity. If your key staff are off ill, processes can be slowed down and service or product delivery delayed, impacting on that all-important bottom line.

If you want to give your staff the chance to stay at optimum performance levels, a professional cleaning team can make the difference, reducing the bacteria in your office and creating a safer environment in the process.

A cleaner work environment has other advantages other than reducing sickness and absence. It can improve productivity, everyone works better in a clean and tidy environment.

At aZtec we have qualified and fully trained cleaning teams in place who know how to clean hygienically. That not only involves looking at things like keyboards and office equipment but your restrooms and shared areas like kitchens and even the boardroom. Get it right and you can significantly cut down on the number of bacteria and viruses hanging around. For more information call our dedicated office team on 01525 216330 or email

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