Debbie’s 25 Year aZtec Story

January 20, 2020

How Debbie Started Her & Sonya’s aZtec Story

Debbie started at aZtec as a relief office cleaner, being guaranteed certain hours per night, but working extra if available. She was good friends with Sonya from an old job and suggested Sonya join aZtec, which she did at this time. They both had a break in service at a similar time, but both came back to celebrate their 25 years. Read Sonya’s story here.

Debbie and Sonya as supervisors – not fans of the camera yet

As a mum of one at the time, Debbie left for about 3 months to work at night stacking shelves at Tesco, allowing her to spend more time with family in the evening, but realised she was pregnant so returned to cleaning at aZtec to avoid heavy lifting. That was 25 years ago. Her husband worked 9-5, so they had a childcare switch and she worked in the evenings, 2 hours per night, Monday-Friday. Quality family time was still possible at weekends.

When an office administration opportunity presented itself, Debbie increased her hours around her 2 young children and worked two very different jobs within aZtec.

Debbie progressed to becoming a part time cleaning supervisor and then a cleaning manager. Back in those days there were no mobile phones so each manager had an answer machine at their home for cleaners to call with updates on sickness, shift changes and interview queries.

What Is Debbie Doing Now?

Nowadays, Debbie works as a full time Regional Manager, has a company car and manages a close knit team of 4 supervisors who support each other across the management of various sites. In addition to daily contact, she maintains a regular team catch up session each fortnight to ensure they are supported on work related and personal issues. She has two grown up daughters and just became a grandparent.

Debbie Says:

“I believe in what we provide. We try our hardest to give our customers what they pay for. You wouldn’t get this environment in most companies. I feel like an individual, not a number, and ensure my team feel the same. I hired and trained my supervisors, and I maintain the company ethos by supporting and developing them to achieve more and support each other.”

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