Dirtiest place in the office is…

June 9, 2022

You’ve probably eaten at this place many times


1. Your desk – WFH desks are worse

It might sound unbelievable, but your desk is home to 400 times as many germs as a toilet seat. This being concentrated around your phone and keyboard and the surface of the desk itself is a breeding ground for harmful bugs. That’s why it’s so important to thoroughly clean your office desk, phone, and any other surface you regularly encounter. We make these areas a priority in our office cleaning schedules, but maybe you’ll think twice about eating at your desk now!

Tips on how to keep your desk tidy.

2. Touchpoints

People come and go in a big office. Some of them are just visiting for a meeting or dropping off a parcel, some are getting ready to start a day’s work. Not everyone will have washed their hands (even after they’ve been to the toilet).Some could have a cold, or worse, and not even know it. As soon as someone touches the lift buttons or opens a door, they’ve spread their germs to that surface. Now imagine those surfaces were never cleaned – and in many big buildings, they never really have been. Office cleaning shouldn’t stop at communal areas. If anything, these are the most important places to pay attention to, because they act as junctions where germs pass from one person to another.

3. The kitchen

 One of the dirtiest places in any office is the place with all the food and drinks.Taps in offices get a lot of use before hands are washed. That means that they’re exposed to all the stuff on your fingers, one way to avoid this is by turning the tap off with the tissue you have used to dry your hands. The sink receives all that gunk, which usually gets washed down but traces of old food can hang on, allowing bacteria to thrive. Smelly sinks are a sign of a bigger health and safety problem, but they can be avoided with regular and thorough office kitchen cleaning.

4. The Toilet

Toilets are a high-traffic area in any office, where germs can be spread easily. Toilet germs are extremely harmful: e-coli is of particular concern. That’s why there’s such a tight focus on office toilet cleaning, with most work-spaces operating on a strict, accountable cleaning schedule – so on average, toilets often end up being some of the cleanest spaces in the office! There will be exceptions, though, and you can’t always monitor and enforce hygiene in everyone. But you can at least take care of yourself, by always washing your hands and minimising the contact you have with surfaces.

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