Does Your Business Have Curb Appeal?

August 2, 2017

When it comes to commercial cleaning, what immediately springs to mind is making sure the floors are clean, the bins are empty, loos are fresh and gleaming and the premises generally looks tidy and smells clean. What you may not have thought about, is the outside of your business premises. First impressions really do count, and when a client or visitor arrives, the outside is where they will form their first opinion about your company.

Does Your Business Have Curb Appeal?Does Your Business Have Curb Appeal?

Here at aZtec, not only can we ensure that the inside of your premises is always customer ready, we can make sure that your customers have a high opinion of your company before they even set foot through the door!

If the windows, frames and fascias look grubby, it could mean that you lack attention to detail, and who’s to say you don’t run your business the same way? The same thing applies to litter and scruffy pavements, they could give the impression you’ve either not noticed or don’t care. The chances are, that you’ve just not got the time or resources to take care of these important details, but aZtec have! We can have the outside of your premises looking clean, tidy and professional in no time.

Another area that tends to suffer from the elements is signage. Most companies are justifiably proud of their branding and yet we see so many external signs that are far from “on brand”.  Signs near main roads tend to get very dirty from traffic fumes and even building signs after a spruce up can make a very noticeable difference.

One of the most forgotten about things when it comes to looking after the outside of your premises, is the gutters. These, over time, can get blocked with leaves, moss and other debris, and if not cleared on a regular basis, can cause major problems for your building. When the gutters or downpipes get blocked, the rainwater can no longer go where it’s supposed to which means, in most cases, it ends up pouring down the side of your building. If left, this will eventually lead to structural damage. It will also leave some very unattractive water stains!

Make sure your premises give customers and passers-by the right impression of your company, by being clean, bright, tidy and inviting. Give aZtec a call on 01525 216330 or click here to drop us an email to see how we can help make the outside of your premises as impressive as the inside!

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