First Impressions Matter

April 25, 2019

In the world of thriving businesses and developing companies the first thing on your mind is probably not the cleanliness of your office or workspace. However, having a clean and healthy space for you and your employees is a major foundation for a successful business.

Cleaning your offices regularly and keeping them maintained can aid towards happier and healthier employees, more productivity within the company, whilst leaving a good first impression on potential clients or interviewees. Studies have found that it only takes an average of 7-10 seconds for someone to make a good first impression.


An implied first impression

Making a good first impression on potential clients or partners will help them form a positive overview of your company. One of the first things someone notices when they enter a building is how it looks and smells. A clean and tidy environment will feel more welcoming and appealing, whilst implying that your business has good attention to detail. Along with this it will also install confidence and trust, leaving the client with the belief that the business is efficient.

Dirty desks and chaotic conference rooms can suggest that the company lacks much needed professionalism and can make them doubt your ability to care for, not only your employees, but service standard as well.


Areas that should always be kept clean

Reception & Waiting Room: this is the first area that a client or business partner will see once entering the building. As it is the face of the company it needs to be organised, clean and structured, to give the impression that these are qualities your business also possesses.

Meeting & Conference Rooms: if you are going to be holding meetings or delegating important work with clients, partners or employees, you need the room to reflect the image you want to give across. If the room looks chaotic then people will have a hard time relaxing and focusing on the task at hand.

Toilets & Washrooms:  toilets can be the one of the most neglected parts of a workplace, however this will give someone who uses them the idea that, as a company, you are prone to neglect things as well; such as accounts, or even employees and their health and wellbeing. “A recent study found that 94% of people would avoid a business if their restrooms were dirty!”-


How to ensure a good first impression is consistent

A great way to keep up to date with what areas have been properly cleaned and organised is by keeping a cleaning schedule. It will outline all work that has been completed and what still requires attention. aZtec Commercial Cleaning implements cleaning schedules to ensure all work is carried out to a professional standard on a regular enough basis. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can help you maintain your office space so you can move it off your to do list.


Once this first impression is out of the way you then need to uphold your business image through maintaining your clean and tidy environment and providing the right service or product quality.


Could you benefit from hiring a commercial cleaner for your office? If you are unsure about what would be the best solution for your business, or if you would like to learn more about our office cleaning solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch >