Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our most asked questions!

What is TUPE?

TUPE stands for Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment). TUPE is very common within the commercial cleaning industry. Effectively, when you change commercial cleaning provider, it is likely that TUPE will apply, meaning that the cleaner has the choice to be transferred to the new employer in their existing role. It is a common misconception that by changing cleaning company, you will be able to get rid of your cleaner. This is rarely the case. Changing commercial cleaning provider can however help you improve the service. We often find that cleaners are not trained, paid or rewarded well. A cleaner who is underperforming is often about the management of that cleaner. When we take on a new contract, should the cleaner(s) choose to transfer to us, we work to improve the training and support for the cleaner, with a last resort of managing them out through proper channels. We often find it is quick and effective to achieve either. It is often not the cleaner that is at fault, it is their employer. For more information on TUPE and how it applies to your business, either visit or give us a call.

Does aZtec provide cover when commercial cleaners go off sick or on holiday?

aZtec always make a great effort to ensure your office, school, surgery or showroom is not let down by commercial cleaner sickness or holiday. We have relief cleaners who cover holiday and sickness across various sites and your dedicated Area Manager will keep you abreast of any alterations to the usual experience, for example cleaners coming in earlier or later than usual to ensure cover is provided.

How quickly can you start a commercial cleaning contract?

We usually ask for one month’s notice to set up and start a new cleaning contract, however there are often times when this can be expedited. We will always do our best to work to your requirements without compromising on the quality of our commercial cleaning service.

Why should I consider outsourced commercial cleaning over in-house business cleaning?

Outsourced commercial cleaning saves time and money in the long run. Not only that, but the equipment, chemicals, consumables orders, stock checks, COSHH paperwork, holiday cover and salaries are all arranged for you. In addition to this, well run cleaning companies, like aZtec, will provide your office, surgery, school or showroom cleaners with training, supervision and support which may be key if your cleaning is done out of normal working hours.

Does aZtec store chemicals, equipment and vacuums on our premises?

We store all cleaning equipment on site at your office, school, surgery or showroom. We will need somewhere to fill up and empty buckets. We also need to store mops and buckets, cloths a hoover and various other items such as bin bags and paper consumables. Chemicals should be kept in a locked storage area. If you do not have space in your cleaning cupboard, we suggest a lockable filing cupboard or similar. We can advise you on storage space whilst doing a site survey. We can even help you fit shelves or storage clips in your cupboard to ensure it can be kept safe and tidy.

Does aZtec supply all cleaning chemicals and equipment needed, as well as COSHH sheets?

aZtec provide all chemicals and equipment required to clean your premises. Monthly deliveries will be made to ensure we always have the right equipment to carry out the expected commercial cleaning service at your office, surgery, showroom or school. COSHH sheets are provided for all chemicals provided on site, full COSHH training is provided to our commercial cleaners and you will have a COSHH file in every cleaning cupboard on your premises.

Does aZtec unlock, lock up and alarm our premises if needed?

Our managers ensure that all site instructions are adhered to. Should you need us to lock up, our managers will train each cleaner to lock up and alarm the building correctly, having learned from our client directly. A contact number will be kept for your emergency staff member for any issues and cleaners are only allowed on site if they are approved by the client where named passes are issued. There is no extra charge for a key holding service.