Getting Involved With Local Milton Keynes Charity Worktree

January 3, 2019

During 2018, aZtec Commercial Cleaning came across local charity Worktree and decided to get involved.

What is Worktree?

Worktree are a trunk of 1,500 volunteers helping young people find out what work is really like by answering their questions honestly. They attend sessions in schools organised by a small team of paid Worktree staff, governed by trustees from different branches of employment.

Why did aZtec get involved with Worktree?

aZtec Commercial Cleaning employ over 300 people in Milton Keynes and the 9 surrounding counties. In addition to providing local employment, we wanted to be able to give something back to our local community. A project based at reducing under-employment, developing employablity skills and stimulating work aspirations seemed a good fit for our company. Schools are also one of our commercial cleaning client sectors.

So far, Tracy Campbell (Director) and Jane Tarrant (Business Development Manager) have attended Worktree events. Worktree have recently published a case study on Jane Tarrant’s experience of getting involved with the charity.

Why does Worktree exist?

Reduce Under-Employment

Develop Employability Skills

Stimulate Work Aspirations

Provide Careers Information

Introduce Real Workers

Set Realistic Expectations

How can someone volunteer for Worktree?

Career WorkOut involves small groups of 3-4 students rotating around 8-12 work guests in a carousel of 6-7 minute conversations.

Primary WorkOut involves guests answering questions from 3-4 class groups of 25-30 pupils in a carousel of 15-25 minute conversations.

Check out these Worktree Events to get involved in the Milton Keynes area.

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