Getting the Office Ready for Autumn

September 8, 2017

It’s not just our homes that need some extra work when the seasons begin to change. If you want your office ready for autumn and all that follows, now is about the time you should be doing those checks and little improvements that will see you over the winter.

Getting the Office Ready for Autumn webGetting the Office Ready for Autumn

Here’s a list of things to get done before you start pulling on the thermals.

Check the Flooring

Flooring is often the last thing that managers and owners think about when it comes to the office, particularly over the summer. With colder and wetter weather due to set in, however, checking whether your floors are ready to take the strain can prevent problems later. For those offices with hard floors, you may want to consider whether they need stripping and sealing, especially if it’s been a while since they’ve had any maintenance.

Many offices have heavy duty matting in place that takes a lot of footfall so it may be time to consider replacing it or at least giving it a real deep down clean in preparation for the autumn. Quality non-slip matting can stop your office getting even dirtier during the winter as well as preventing visitors and staff from falling over as they come through the door.

External Lighting

One thing we generally notice quickly is the nights beginning to draw in. That means staff and visitors are likely to be arriving and leaving when it’s dark outside. Before you start switching on the external lighting, it’s a sensible idea to have your local electrician give it all a check. Broken bulbs or faulty connections can certainly leave your staff in the dark as well as put a dent in your office security.

PAT Test

There may be plenty of equipment around the office that hasn’t been used over the summer months. These all need a quick once over to make sure they are in working order. If you have lamps or heaters, that means a PAT test (which stands for portable appliance testing) that checks all the appliances are in good order. The end of summer is the perfect time to carry this task out.

Getting in Winter Supplies

Winter also brings a whole lot of issues. If your office entrance way or the parking facilities are likely to get iced over during the next few months, a good supply of salt is necessary. Get this in now as it usually costs less at this time of year – once a cold snap comes in, you’ll probably see a big price hike. Other things you might like to invest in are a couple of snow shovels and brushes, just in case. Check out our aZtec Winter Kits.

Time to Check Utility Bills

It’s natural that many businesses want to reduce their utility bills and save on costs. With British Gas revealing electricity prices are set to go up by a staggering 12% this Autumn, now may be the time to see if there’s a better deal on offer. It’s not as difficult as many business owners think and can save a significant amount of cash over the winter.

Time to Clean

Spring isn’t the only time you should think about having a good, thorough clean. Arranging for a professional, commercial cleaning company to come in can not only raise staff morale but will also set you up for the winter months. A deep clean of the carpets and tidying up workstations should be top of your list of priorities.

If you need assistance preparing your office for autumn please contact aZtec Commercial Cleaning, we can take care of many of the tasks listed above. Call us on 01525 216330 or email

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