How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost?

January 30, 2020

No matter what size of company, every office needs to be cleaned. Whether your office requires weekly cleaning or daily cleaning, there is always the question of, “how much does office cleaning cost?” or “how much does office cleaning cost per hour?”.

The truth is, how much office cleaning should cost depends on a variety of factors and the hourly rate could be anywhere between £14 and £24 per hour, based on the current National Living Wage of £8.21ph.

How does the number of office cleaning hours affect the price?

The overall cost per hour for 2 hours per week will be much dearer than the overall cost per hour for 60 hours office cleaning per week, but it also depends on the company or set up you go for.

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How does location affect the cost of office cleaning?

Although some offices may get away with the cleaners receiving a minimum level of pay, the requirement for office cleaning staff to drive to the office, especially if far away from public transport will mean that a higher wage is likely required. This therefore increases the cost of office cleaning.

How does the type of office affect how much should be paid for office cleaners?

If the office is beautifully finished and requires high attention to details, or if the office cleaning role is mostly to clean toilets and unpleasant areas, the cost of cleaning would likely be more to attract and retain the type of staff you’d want.

How does the time of office cleaning affect the cost?

Office cleaners typically work early morning or after office hours, although some will provide a cleaning service during office hours where requested by the company. There is no set ‘preferred’ shift time for cleaners, because the role is suited to those who want to fit around their other commitments. It might be someone doing a couple of hours for extra money before their own 9-5 office job, or a parent who does a few hours whilst their kids are at school. It might be someone who works another job at odd hours, so the daytime or morning cleaning could work well. The evening might be suited to parents who share childcare between them, someone who is starting a business but needs additional income by cleaning when they aren’t expected to answer their phone and various other life reasons. The time when the cost increases is when there aren’t enough people wanting to work the hours advertised. It is possible that by changing the hours offered makes it easier to hire at a more affordable rate.


How much should I expect to pay for office cleaning management?

The term cleaning management can be vague. Office cleaning management might mean a cleaning manager picking your file out of a dusty filing cabinet once a year and doing a quick walk around your reception to check for cobwebs. On the other hand, like at aZtec Commercial Cleaning, it might mean site visits every few days or weeks, as needed, for a full audit of the cleaning, retraining of the staff where necessary, communication between supervisors, managers and cleaners to ensure stock levels, seasonal requirements, cleaning cover and ad hoc tasks are kept on top of. In addition to this aZtec’s management includes the availability for a monthly sit down meeting with the client, for example an office manager, to discuss any issues which have arisen, steps to be taken and concerns on either side with regards to ensuring the service maintains standards. To put a specific cost on management across the cleaning sector can be difficult, but the cost is linked to how much you value the quality of the service.

How much do office materials cost for office cleaning?

Gone are the days of tin bucket and single wooden dolly mop. Following national cleaning guidelines, colour coding of green for kitchen, red for washroom and blue for general areas, all areas have a different set of colour coded cleaning equipment. This includes the spray bottles, cloths, mop and bucket and even dustpan and brush. This equipment, although required to ensure cross-contamination is not a problem can add to the cost. The size of the office and the quality of cleaning equipment can make a difference to the price.

Are there hidden costs to office cleaning which I haven’t considered?

There are definitely hidden costs of office cleaning which don’t always get considered. If hiring in house, you will need to consider the cost of administration costs, recruitment costs, training costs, uniform costs, pension costs, company benefit costs, sickness costs, maternity costs, SPL (shared parental leave) costs, health and safety related costs and holiday and sickness cover costs. In addition to these, costs such as replacement vacuums when broken, PAT testing and additional equipment if lost, stolen or misused. The likelihood is that by hiring a cleaner in house, there are a number of costs which could only be budgeted for on an hourly basis by having done it and analysed all costs from all areas, and then divided these by the number of cleaning hours contracted.

Not sure what to look for when choosing an office cleaning company?

Check out our article: “Top 10 Things To Consider Before Taking On A Commercial Cleaning Company“. If you are still not sure which will be best value, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.

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