How to tackle the onslaught of autumn cobwebs

October 28, 2016

There are about 650 species of spiders recorded in Britain. Many of these are tiny and scurry around unnoticed, but some of the larger spiders are commonly seen in buildings and gardens.

How to tackle the onslaught of autumn cobwebsHow to tackle the onslaught of autumn cobwebs

The number of spiders visible usually increases in the autumn, and the males tend to venture inside to search for a mate as the temperatures fall. You may well find one in the stationary cupboard, or strolling across your keyboard! This season could be particularly bad for arachnophobes, as the weather has been relatively mild again this year, meaning the spider population will be thriving.

The best way of combatting the onslaught of autumn cobwebs, is of course, to stop the spiders coming inside in the first place!  If you keep your workspace clean, spiders will have fewer places to hide away, so keep clutter and boxes to a minimum. Food crumbs, though not attractive to spiders themselves, do attract other creepy-crawlies, that in turn attract the spiders, so make sure to keep surfaces clean and run the vacuum around regularly.

Spraying peppermint, tea-tree, citrus or eucalyptus oil is also thought to deter spiders as they supposedly hate the smell. There is always the slightly more aggressive approach of squirting vinegar directly at a spider, though in a workplace, this may not be the best idea, except in an emergency!

Lots of people swear by having conkers on window sills and the corners of the room, spiders will be deterred from entering. There is actually no scientific evidence that this actually works, but it can’t hurt, right?

If, despite your best efforts, spiders still manage to get in and make themselves at home in your workplace, the best way to get rid of cobwebs is with an extendable duster to reach the high corners and ceilings, and by using the hose and extension on your vacuum cleaner for those lower down. It has been known for the odd spider to end up in the vacuum cleaner too, but you didn’t hear that from us!

If that all seems like a bit too much, you always give us a call at aZtec on 01525 216330 and we will do our best to make your workplace as unattractive to spiders as possible!

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