Jewel in the aZtec Cleaning Crown

February 21, 2016

This week’s blog is dedicated to aZtec’s very successful Regional Sales Manager – Sonya Louise Perkins!!

jewel in the aztec cleaning crownSonya has been with aZtec for 22 years (although that figure goes up anytime she mentions her long service!!) She started with the company as a cleaner then an area supervisor then transitioned to sales, where she has enjoyed MANY wins over the years. She is a valuable member of the sales team, pulling in new business and her best work comes when she under pressure and on a 2 hour deadline. She takes great pride in her work, striving to “break the mould” on the stereotypical sales person to deliver a warm, personal and friendly service, instead of cold, calculated and pushy. Sonya works very closely with the Telesales consultant – Stella; and together they support, encourage, argue and laugh through their working days.

Sonya enjoys spending time with her growing family and two dogs Millie and George. Sonya had an amazing 2015 where she became a Nana to her first born and very handsome grandson and she is also a Nana to her two beautiful granddaughters. Sonya also married her soul mate on a sun kissed beach in Crete surrounded by close family and friends. Sonya is an avid Arsenal supporter and her husband a passionate Tottenham supporter. She likes to work hard and play harder, having fun in the sun with her husband with plenty of vodka.

Jewel in the aZtec cleaning crown

Sonya has continued her great success into 2016 by winning one of her biggest contracts to date this week. It was one of the most frustrating tenders she completed, but as she never backs down from any challenge, she met it head on and got such a well-deserved WIN. She is an unstoppable force in Sales and dominates most of the competition she comes up against.

On behalf of aZtec, we would like to say a huge, gigantic and massively well deserved