Matt returns to aZtec after brain tumour operations

March 4, 2020

Matt Impey is 35 and lives in Dunstable. He has just returned to work for aZtec after surviving 6 operations, 2 cardiac arrests and 6 weeks of radiotherapy.

It is nothing new to hear that yet another person has returned to work for aZtec Commercial Cleaning, however rarely with a story like this.

Matt worked for aZtec in Support Services between 2011 and 2014. A month after completing a relay marathon alongside colleagues Brenda and Iryna (who are still here), Matt was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Since 2014 Matt has undergone 6 operations, has gone into cardiac arrest twice, completed 6 weeks of radiotherapy and had to relearn how to eat, walk and speak. It is thought the tumour had been growing since he was 5 years old. Although Matt still has the tumour, it has been reduced in size and he hopes to have another 20 years before needing another operation.

Due to being on steroids, Matt struggled with depression and the additional food he consumed, resulting in gaining weight to 18 stone. After a conscious decision to turn his life around, Matt has been on a strict exercise programme, whilst altering his way of life and nutritional intake, dropping to 13 stone and returning to full time work.

Matt now works between 3pm and 9pm 5 days a week, as Support Services, providing cover cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor maintenance for our clients. Apart from the need for some special glasses to help with driving, Matt doesn’t need or want any special treatment and has enjoyed returning to a company where it feels like he has never left. He enjoys travelling and intends to live life to the full now that he has been given another chance.

1 month before being diagnosed with a brain tumour