Office Secret Santa or Gifts For Disadvantaged Children?

November 15, 2019

Secret Santa is a popular Christmas tradition which takes place across multiple offices and workplaces. At aZtec Commercial Cleaning, we value the team bonding day during which we eat together, play games and share gifts. In addition to this though, we are taking part for the second year in ‘KidsOut’, a local Leighton Buzzard charity providing Christmas presents to disadvantaged children. This is in addition to continuing support of Ripple Africa on their environmental projects such as Tree planting, Forest and Fish Conservation as well as Education & Healthcare.

Some offices may decide to replace Secret Santa with KidsOut or a similar idea, or like us to do it in addition. Although it is only November now, getting organised is key to ensuring a team effort is carried out. If your office likes the idea, it is simple:

  1. Take a tag
  2. Buy a toy
  3. Bring it back

kidsout charity toy selection at aztec commercial cleaning officeLast year, we managed to gather a lovely collection of toys, and enjoyed the feeling that we were able to send a gift to someone who deserved it.

If your company is interested in supporting a charity this Christmas, here are some ideas:

KidsOut Gifts For Kids – Giving Tree

KidsOut gives disadvantaged children positive experiences to support them becoming future members of our society and workforce.

Ripple Africa Christmas Cards To Support Environment, Education & Healthcare

Empowering communities to achieve a sustainable future by providing a hand UP, not a hand out.

Advent of Change

A non-profit with a mission: to help make the world a more fair, equal and sustainable place. We create products that donate to multiple charities with one purchase, and raise awareness for their amazing work.