Office Spring Cleaning

March 30, 2017

Can you believe it? We are at the end of March already? The signs are all there, the daffodils are sprouting: Winter is being ushered out by an impatient Spring. This can only mean one thing. That’s right, it’s time for a good old Office Spring Clean.

Those who work in an office environment will have noticed, over a period of time how messy, dusty and a little funky the office can get over the Winter months.


Office Spring Cleaning

Here are some of our tips to help you with your office spring cleaning:

Be Organised

We are all busy and things tend to pile up, including the filing! Time to tidy those loose papers that are lying around. Keeping things organised is not just something for your Desktop file or your Document folder (although we may as well go all out and give these a tidy up, when was the last time you “archived” your computer files?). A neat and tidy desk is the aesthetic sweetness of an office. Go through all loose papers and sort them out into two piles, one ‘needed’ and the other ‘unneeded’. Place all needed papers into plastic wallets, ring-binders or in the filing cabinet. The unneeded papers can go in the secure document shredding bin.

Your desk should only have things of everyday use – a PC/laptop, stationery, etc. As for those things that are used only now and again, organise them into groups of your choice and place them neatly into drawers.

A Good Thorough Dusting!

You will be surprised at how much dust your office furniture will have gathered over the Winter.  If you have a fabric chair, we recommend a lightly damp cloth and swift, sharp brushing movements away from the seat, for leather and plastic chairs you can do the same but make sure you dry the chairs thoroughly. Wipe clean the legs of the chair and base plate and pole. It is also time to remove everything and I mean everything from your desk… now you can see how dusty things get! Again a damp cloth is your best friend but only if you have a laminated type desk top and don’t forget to dry the surface too, for real wood please follow the manufacturers recommendations.

Fresh Air

Whilst you are being a dusting demon, make sure the windows are open, no point just moving the dust from one place to another.  Let’s get the air through the office and clear the Winter funk!

Pot Plants

To really make it feel like Spring, why not introduce some hardy pot plants (Aloe Vera and Orchids work well)? Remember to regularly water them!

Hoover Every Nook and Cranny!

Finally, it is time to get rid of all that dust you’ve brushed onto the floor. A great tip here, change the hoover bag! Beyond a certain fill point hoovers can be counterproductive, spitting out more dust than they suck up! You will also find the suction becomes quite a bit stronger. Once you’ve changed the bag or emptied the cylinder. Move lighter pieces of furniture out of the way, put the narrow attachments on and make sure you get all the skirting boards and the edges where the flooring meets the wall, the edges around your desks and other furniture that is simply too large to move.

Get the Experts In!

Of course, if all of this sounds great but in practice, you just don’t have time, then call in the experts! Our office cleaners will soon have your office fresh, clean and dust free – but we can’t do your filing. Sorry about that! Perhaps the filing fairies can help?

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