Offices & Surgeries Preparing Cleaning Strategies For Coronavirus

February 7, 2020

Coronavirus is not only affecting companies globally with regards to limiting visitors and cancelling events, but some businesses are also putting risk assessment plans in place within their own offices or medical centres. Some higher risk clients are also putting cleaning strategies in place. In the past week a small number of our larger clients have asked about the chemicals used to clean their offices and GP surgeries, with regards to Coronavirus.

Whilst in many offices within the UK, the risk of Coronavirus being present is so low, it isn’t worth really worrying about, as time goes on, we may see that change. Unfortunately the media hype around it will have certain people living in fear when going to any public place, including public transport, despite such low chances of contracting the disease. We do not want to start fear mongering and implementing change on every client site where it isn’t necessary, but we would like to let our customers know that should Coronavirus be a concern in your particular office due to international staff or multiple visitors, we can work with you to ensure we are following your action plan, altering our daily commercial cleaning service.

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We are buying in stock of disinfectant which is specifically proven effective against Coronavirus so we can supply for use within any offices, showrooms, warehouses, surgeries, schools or nurseries where the risk is seen as higher, and our client specifically wants it used. A few specific customers have asked that we clean using chemicals such as Dettol for door handles, push plates and other high risk touch points around their offices. During previous outbreaks, we have even had a client pay for an additional office cleaner to focus on ensuring high traffic areas and touch points were disinfected throughout the day.

Jangro, who supply cleaning equipment, have written a helpful blog on “Staying Safe From The Coronavirus”.

Similar to the preparation around the Ebola risk in GP surgeries, medical centres may also benefit from a list of cleaning and protection products Williams Medical have put together for Coronavirus.

For more information on single use cleaning wipes for GP surgeries, see GAMA Healthcare’s information on Clinell Wipes for Coronavirus.

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