How often should your office be cleaned?

May 16, 2017

For the vast majority of us, more time is spent at work than at home yet we rarely give the same level of consideration to the cleaning regime. At home, we tend to have a list of chores that need completing on a daily or weekly basis, but in the workplace, avoidance seems to reign supreme!

The frequency of the office chores does depend on the size and nature of your business as well as the general footfall, but as a general rule, there are a few things that should definitely be cleaned on at least a twice weekly basis.

  • Reception/Waiting areas – These are the first areas people will see and it’s here that any visitors will form their opinion about your company. Any untidiness or grubbiness will not give the best of impressions.
  • Loos – Everyone remembers a dirty toilet! Regardless of the service you receive from a company, it’ll be the less than fresh loo that will be remembered.
  • Bins – These should be emptied on a daily basis to prevent any nasty food smells from lingering around the office.
  • Glass partitions – If you have a lovely modern office that has glass partitioning, this will need a going over with glass cleaner at the end of every day. Smears and fingerprints spoil the overall effect.

How often should your office be cleaned?

How often should your office be cleaned?

The weekly list of cleaning jobs should include things like cleaning the fridge and microwave as these can be breeding ground for bacteria creating nasty smells in the kitchen. Hoovering of carpet and any fabric chairs should also be done once a week.

Things that only really need doing on a monthly basis are; giving the windows a good clean and dusting the ceiling, which we know sounds a bit odd, but nobody likes hanging cobwebs!

Of course, here at aZtec, we know exactly what needs doing and how often for office cleaning, keeping your workplace immaculate and looking its best at all times. So, if you would like to stop the weekly argument amongst the staff about whose turn it is to clean the loo, give aZtec a call on 01525 216330 or email us and we will be happy to help.

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