Pest Control for Everyone!

August 18, 2017

Even the cleanest businesses in the world can fall foul of a pest infestation now and again. There are so many potential risks, whether you work in the city or a rural area. Becoming the victim of an infestation can not only stop your staff working, it can damage your reputation, cost you customers and, in certain circumstances, lead to prosecution.

Pest Control for Everyone!

From rodent attacks, fly and wasp infestations to problems with pigeons and foxes, the list of pest threats seems endless. The good news is there’s quite a lot you can do to reduce the impact on your business as well as the surrounding area.

Pest Control for EveryoneGood Cleaning Keeps the Pests Away

We all know that a good cleaning regime is one way to keep all sorts of pests at bay. That includes throughly cleaning the floors and desktops, of course, but making sure that areas such as kitchens and toilets are maintained properly.

Encourage staff to clean up after themselves and create an office waste disposal policy that reduces the risk of falling victim to a pest attack. Don’t forget areas like drains and make sure these are kept in good condition.

Monitor for Tell-Tale Signs

Many pests will leave tell-tale signs and it’s always much easier to deal with them when you know what to look for. Regular inspections can go a long way to keeping yourself pest free. Check under cupboards and other spaces for signs of droppings and damage. Some pests can be difficult to spot during the day – cockroaches, for example, are nocturnal creatures so only come out when it’s dark.

Pay Attention to Food Waste

For businesses like restaurants, hotels and pubs where food and beverages are regularly served, cleanliness is a perennial issue. Even if you have an office that doesn’t handle food, you may well have a canteen or staff who bring their own in food.

If you want to make sure that you keep on top of food waste, it’s easy to introduce composting bins that can be sealed so that staff are able to dispose of their food waste. We all need to take responsibility for our own recycling and other waste, so making sure that containers are not left open and can be shut tightly will stop pests such as rats and foxes seeing you as an easy mark.

Pest Proof Your Office

There are measures that will ensure your office area doesn’t become a haven to pests. Especially in cities and towns, pigeons can always be an issue, for instance. Making sure they don’t have comfortable spaces to land and breed on the outside of the building can make a big difference. There are a range of different types of netting and spikes that can be fitted to outside walls to prevent this.

Don’t forget the interiors, however. That includes caulking up cracks in the walls or around the skirting boards if you want to stop everything from rats and mice to cockroaches getting into your property. Cockroaches love dark cracks and damp or humid spaces, even machinery and equipment, to hide in. Rising damp can also attract pests such as silverfish.

If you are having a persistent problem with a pest, you might need to get a professional in to deal with it. For example, once flies start breeding when they’ve found a decent food source, they can be difficult to get rid of. Ants are another pest that can suddenly appear out of nowhere. Leaving it too long can cause problems for your business and the surrounding area.

Help is at hand

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