Why you Shouldnt Eat at your Desk

April 7, 2017


Research by the BBC has shown that there are 400% more bacteria on a keyboard than a toilet seat! It will not be surprising if one of the primary reasons is the consumption of food at one’s desk. Food detritus if left untended will petrify and decompose. We have all encountered that unidentifiable object in the office fridge that has been left long after its use by date and its nasty odour. It doesn’t take long for the same thing to happen to crumbs that occupy the crevasses in your keyboard, corners of your desk and scattered on the floor.

Why you Shouldnt Eat at your Desk

Why you Shouldnt Eat at your Desk

Eating on time is a very important part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. However, there are many places where you can eat your lunch; at your desk shouldn’t one of them. This even more so when sharing computers. According to the above cited research, keyboard bacteria is becoming a problem even in hospitals, where doctors sharing computers can potentially transmit the bacteria to their patients.

Productivity and Stress

A recent article in The Huffington Post highlights eating at your desk makes you more stressed and less creative. This will inevitably influence the productivity of your work. The article also asserts that the lunch break is disappearing from many people’s work timetables, which subsequently adversely affects thinking and emotional states.

Looking after your health is equally as important as hygiene. Office work can get tiring. It can give you back pain, make you hungry or even fall asleep. Desk jobs can cause both mental and physical fatigue; it is no wonder that major health organisations like Bupa recommend taking mini breaks at work. Opticians like Zeiss have gone one step further and advised workers how to spend such breaks. They call it the ’20-20-20 rule’ – i.e. look at an object 20 metres away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

As for moving around, Dr. LeBlanc understands that standing up and moving around at work is not only beneficial for the health, but also increases creativity and

productivity. Therefore, merely sitting at a desk is not the best way to spend your day at work. Stand up, walk around and frequently stare outside the window into the distant scenery for a more productive, healthier day.

Our Suggestion

Resurrect the break out room and eat in designated areas. These areas receive regular anti-bacterial cleaning and moving away from your desk to eat, will not only provide a healthier environment to do so but will give you a much-needed change of scenery and improve your creativity and productivity.

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