It Is Not Too Late To Arrange This Term’s Cleaning

October 3, 2017

Most heads and teaching staff understand that good cleaning is an essential part of running any school. You need to provide a clean and attractive environment for the pupils if you want them to achieve great things.

It Is Not Too Late To Arrange This Terms Cleaning

The good news is that it’s still not too late to organise a professional cleaning team who can get your school ready for the coming term.

It Is Not Too Late To Arrange This Terms CleaningA catch all service that can deliver during term time, outside hours and over the school holidays is invaluable. Here are just some of the options you get from our professional school cleaning team that is able to tailor solutions to the needs of your school.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Of course, one thing that always needs cleaning in schools are the floors. These can quickly get dirty once everyone starts moving back and forth. Effective cleaning not only ensures the school meets hygiene standards but also protects that flooring over time.

Workstation and Class Cleaning

Keeping classrooms spotless is also important. Areas like computer rooms where equipment like keyboards and desktop devices can harbour a host of germs, gathering dirt and dust, need particular attention. Even seating and desks must be hygienically cleaned. Getting it wrong can not only be bad for the health and wellbeing of staff and pupils, it can also damage the reputation of the school.

Sanitary Cleaning

Another part of the school that needs special care are the toilets and changing rooms. Areas that have large numbers of people using them are at high risk when it comes to hygiene issues and a commercial school cleaning team are usually best place to ensure that cleaning is constantly up to the standards expected in the modern world.

External Operations

It’s not just inside cleaning that is important. Windows require cleaning, gutters have to be cleared, bins emptied and litter picked up. These are vital areas that ensure your external appearance is everything it should be and must be included in the cleaning rota.

PAT Testing

You might also be surprised that a commercial cleaning service can also carry out PAT testing for your school. This makes sure that all portable devices from kettles to computers are tested regularly to prove they are safe. This is an important task to carry out, particularly after the long summer break.

Pest Control

However well your commercial cleaning service works, there’s always a risk of pests. With so many people using the facilities and all that building stock, keeping on top of this is important. Effective pest control not only keeps your staff and pupil’s safe but prevents damage to the local infrastructure.

Confidential Waste Handling and Shredding

Properly handling confidential waste has become important for all businesses, especially schools where there is much sensitive data and there are plenty of regulations regarding safe disposal, including the new GDPR coming into force next year. If you have confidential waste then you want to employ a commercial service that understands the guidelines and rules and caries out the correct procedures to keep your business on the right side of the data protection law.

Our professional school cleaning service will work closely with stakeholders at your school to find exactly the right solutions all year round, including a few services you may not even have thought of. If you need to replace your existing provision contact aZtec on 01525 216330 or email

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