The Importance of a Clean Learning Environment

July 17, 2019

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Keeping a clean learning environment not only gives a great first impression to parents, but is essential for the development of children and young adults. It helps their health and wellbeing, as well as the lesser talked about increase in productivity and concentration.   


Health and Wellbeing: 

A hygienic and sanitised area can help reduce allergies and infections, along with the more common illnesses such as colds and flu, this in turn will reduce the number of sick days and absences. Keeping a school tidy and organised can also support a decrease in hazards such as slips and trips. 

Mental Health: 

Having a clean and tidy learning space not only aids physical wellbeing, but also students’ mental health. A study by the World Green Building Council, entitled ‘Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices: The Next Chapter for Green Building’, has reported that 88 per cent of students believe a complete lack of cleanliness becomes a distraction to their ability to learn – 

A clean and well-organised environment can also strengthen productivity and concentration within students. 11 per cent of students from the same study, reported an increase in productivity simply due to air quality improving.  

Areas to Target: 

Like in any other organisation it is important to target key areas of the environment to ensure the overall cleanliness for the students and teachers. Deep cleaning during holidays means that the cleaning process and methods, such as washroom enzyme treatments, won’t get in the way of the school’s day to day routine. 

Washrooms: Floor-to-ceiling attention is needed in this area such as disinfection of walls, floors, urinals, toilets and sinks, as well as the occasional clearing of crystalised urinal u-bends to tackle smells. 

Carpets and Floors: Pollutants, dirt and mould can hide in carpets so this area needs to be deep cleaned and vacuumed regularly. It is especially important to deep clean when young children or school pets, such as rabbits, will be sitting on the floors.  

Windows and Lights: Good lighting contributes to the productivity of students. Ensure the windows are cleaned inside and out, as well as the lights inside.   

Heating and Cooling Systems: Cleaning and maintenance needs to be carried out to ensure heating and cooling systems run smoothly. When students are too hot or too cold it effects their ability to concentrate. It will also contribute to the air quality.  

Gyms and Changing Rooms: This area is a breeding ground for many germs and infectious organisms. A deep clean and sanitisation of all surfaces and equipment is regularly needed to keep ahead of these germs, which in turn reduces odour. 

The greatest tip for keeping your learning environment clean and tidy is to hire a commercial cleaning service. A commercial cleaning company, like aZtec Commercial Cleaning, take responsibility for cleaning schedules and maintain high standards of excellence. 

Scheduled sanitising, dusting and detailed deep cleaning, are just some of the ways your learning environment can be kept clean, tidy and up to the standard your students and teachers deserve.  

Could you benefit from hiring a commercial cleaner for your school, college or university? If you are unsure about what would be the best solution for your school, college or university, or if you would like to learn more about our cleaning solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch >