Women Rule!!

March 14, 2016

This week aZtec celebrated everything that is fabulous about women for this year’s International women’s day on Tuesday 8th March. Most of the staff at aZtec are predominately women, and we took the day to remind ourselves how amazing we are and everything they have achieved over the years, breaking down the barriers between the sexes; from winning  the right vote to sailing solo around the world to running multi-million pound companies. Of course we have a high number of male staff who are just as amazing as us girls, but this was a day all about our greatness so….suck it up!!

international womens dayLast week aZtec also supported “Bandana’s for Brain Tumours”, where staff at Head Office wore bandanas to raise awareness and support for brain tumour sufferers and survivors. This is an important cause to aZtec as recently a former member of our support services was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a tennis ball and was struck with it very quickly. He has undergone a few highly risky brain surgeries and continues to fight and get better daily. He has great support from his partner Paula Janes (who is our Accounts Co-ordinator) and his family and friends. All donations are still gratefully being received by The Brain Tumour Charity

This week all of us at Head Office have had a lovely week’s break from our Director / General Manager – Peter Knott. Peter took the week off to do things that “only a man can do”. Supposedly he was revamping his family home and the gardening, working non-stop…but we all strongly suspect he’s spent most of the week playing golf, drinking too much wine and spending time with his new grandson. It has been blissfully peaceful without him winding up the operations team or our Director / Company Secretary – Tracy Campbell…so we are now looking at link between Peter’s presence in the office and stress levels of the operation team and now possibly moving his office down to the warehouse.